An ideal man is looked upon as a well-built strong man who is willing to take risks. He is thought to be able to do almost anything requiring courage, strength and risk taking. He is able to fight a bull, kill a lion and be a race driver. A race driver is a strong man who will not compromise. This attitude led to the loss of many lives when proper organization was not yet established. Risks like that can be covered by insurance companies. Either as personal covers for drivers or insurance for charities.

Many spectators wanted to be as near as possible to the racing cars. The road races continued to be a disorganized affair until 1940 when the first organized race was held. The 5920 mile race went through Buenos Aires across pampers to Lima Peru .The race was the forerunner of the international Grand Prix of the North which took 13 days. This race was won by an Argentine called Juan-Manuel Fargio.

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Development of the Race

During 1930s there were occasional races involving imported drivers and cars.Such were the races that led to the announcement of the popular Hans Stuck Sr and Carlo Pintacuda. In those early years it was majorly a road racing but a number of accidents involving spectators made the organizers change it to an off-road event.

In the year 1960 12 people were killed when a Dodge driven by Edgar Carparos somersaulted into the crowd at Neochea, on the Atlantic coast. Chile came to develop its own circuit at Las Vizcachas in Santiago and at Temuco. New tracks were also made in Piriapolis in Uruguay. This encouraged young drivers to stay longer in Brazil before migrating to Europe.

The Decline

Political instability coupled by financial crisis later led to the disruption of the races. Many South American drivers started migrating to Europe in large numbers. The few who did not depart organized the Codas Formula 2 Championship in the early 1930s.They used street circuits in Punta del Este and Colonia in Uruguay.

Currently motor racing is still are renowned sport in Latin American countries. Many of the races held are sponsored by motor vehicles manufacturing Companies. These companies use the races to showcase their products and experiment the engine performance of the cars. The events bring many sponsors and charitable organizations. They are indeed a good platform for marketing insurance for charities. Soccer is preferred by many in Latin American countries to racing presently.